Auburn Community Park

Auburn Community Park

Last updated on December 29th, 2023 at 08:58 am

In April of 2017, the Western Reserve Land Conservancy purchased 67 acres of land for Auburn Community Park. These lands have been divided into two separate parks: the Natural Area and the Open Field Area. The land is protected by a Conservation Easement, and this land is a perfect fit for the two organizations. The park is located on Munn Road, just off of I-94. In the past, the park was used for recreational purposes, but that has changed with the redevelopment of the area. Visit This Page!

Dinius Family

The new 13-acre park at 1435 E. Glenn Ave. was opened to the public Oct. 15. The park features a dog park, pond, small playground, pavilion, restrooms, mulch, and paved walking trails. The park is open daily, sunrise to sundown. The Dinius family donated the land, which will be managed by the city. This is a great park for the whole family, and you won’t have to worry about keeping the dog leashed.

For several years, Auburn was a mere name. Many of the lots were purchased by speculators. In March 1938, John B. Howe sold a large group of his lots to Henry Work for $400. The speculator later lost interest in the area, and Henry Work bought the remaining lots. It took several years before the city had any real growth and development. By the time Auburn was incorporated in 1938, it was a growing community.

Conservation Easement

The Conservation Easement at Auburn Community Park is a rare gem in our city. The property is divided into two categories: Natural Area (passive park) and Open Field Area (active park). Its location on Munn Road makes it the perfect match for both the Western Reserve Land Conservancy and Auburn Township. Here’s more information on the conservation Easement and the proposed walking trail. Read This Article!

Girl Scout Troop 11

The Girl Scouts of Auburn Community Park are planning on constructing a walking trail at the park. They recently presented their power point proposal to the park’s Trustees. The park’s Trustees appreciate the efforts of the troop. The project will allow the girls to earn their Bronze Award and the park will benefit as a result. In addition to the trail, the troop is also planning to build a shelter for the elderly.

City of Auburn

Auburn Community Park

The City of Auburn has an extensive park system, featuring many beautiful views of Mount Rainier. There are over 26 miles of trails in the Auburn area, including a section of the Interurban Trail. There are nearly 387 acres of open space in Auburn. To learn more about the parks and open spaces in Auburn, read our Open Space Plan. Listed below are some of the community events and activities that will take place in the parks this summer. Visit This Web Page!

Driving Direction from Pally Roofing to Auburn Community Park

Driving Direction from Auburn Community Park to Solon Community Park



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