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Are you prepared to take on a metal roofing task and provide outcomes worthy of an expert? You can cut metal roofing panels to size confidently and add a distinctive look to your property while saving money if you have the proper knowledge, tools, and techniques. We’ll lead you through all the necessary procedures, safety measures, and insider knowledge in this thorough guide to help you maximize the life span of your roof and produce exceptional results.

Setting Up for the Installation of Metal Roofing

For a metal roofing project to be successful, preparation is essential. Take precise measurements of your roof before cutting the panels to determine how many are needed. Ensure you have all the equipment and supplies you’ll need, such as clamps, metal shears, gloves, safety glasses, tape measures, markers, and the proper fasteners. Cut and handle the metal sheets, clear the workspace, and provide a safe workplace. You’ll work more productively, and the installation procedure will go more smoothly if you follow these preparation measures.

Cutting Metal Roofing

Materials and Equipment You Must Complete the Task

You must gather and acquire the necessary tools or rent them before installing your metal roof. Here is a list of every equipment and supplies you require to assist you: Even while you might not need them all, depending on the metal roofing you’re dealing with, they can all be worthwhile.

  • Angle Grinder

Especially if you have a lot of metal components, an angle grinder with a metal cut-off wheel will speed up the process of cutting through them. With this tool, you may swiftly and effortlessly cut many pieces of metal roofing without dealing with the discomfort of using a manual tool. Keeping one around the house could be helpful as it’s useful for cutting various other things, including bolts, rebar, fences, steel, and other metals.

  • Circular Saw

Alternatively, you can use a circular saw, which is particularly useful for accurately making longer cuts or slicing through considerably larger pieces of metal roofing.

  • Metal Air Shears 

Electric tin snips are called metal air shears, and they’re incredible. They transform your slow tin snip cutting into powerful, non-hand cramping cuts that effortlessly cut through most types of metal. It is well worth the buy if you do this frequently. If not, you may also purchase power drill accessories that enable you to use a metal shear or tin snip.

  • Band Saw

A band saw is your next best option for cutting metal roofing if you need an angle grinder or want a more precise saw. The blade you select must be explicitly designed for cutting metal to avoid overheating and damaging your material.

Cutting Metal Roofing

Materials for Metal Roofs

Before you begin, make sure you have ready all of your metal roofing materials. You might order it with assistance from a metal roof manufacturer or a licensed contractor. To calculate how many pieces you’ll need, you’ll need to know the size of your roof.

  • Power Drill

You’ll need a power drill bit to drill squares or circles in the middle of your metal panels. Parts of your roof need to have pipe boots or other roofing vents installed, so carefully measuring and cutting those holes is necessary. Trace the item onto your roofing material first, allowing enough room to cut it to size without going overboard. First, using a power drill and drill bit is easiest to make a hole in the center. From there, you may start your tin snips there and work your way along your lines.

  • Traps

You’ll be great friends with tarps. There can be so many small pieces that fall to the ground when cutting metal that cleanup will be difficult. Tarps can be placed down beforehand, mainly if you’re working in the yard, to catch small pieces that fall and prevent someone from stepping on sharp edges.

  • Tin Snip

Tin snips are a manually operated, portable tool ideal for severing tiny segments of metal roofing. They function well on manageable components and small angles that are challenging to cut with a more extensive tool. Once more, these will be utilized to effortlessly cut out pieces from the middle of your metal roofing.

  • Work Bench or Saw Horse

Cutting your metal roofing anywhere else than a sawhorse or safe table is a major mistake. You must purchase a sawhorse or workbench that is heavy enough to remain in place while you cut through these metal parts if you do not already have one. The first step in creating a secure, well-organized workstation for this task is organizing your workspace.

Step-By-Step: Guide for Cutting Metal Roofing Panels

Let’s now examine how to cut metal roofing panels step-by-step:

  • Calculate and Label

Measure the area’s measurements before beginning any cutting work on the panel. Mark the cutting lines underneath the metal sheet with a tape measure and marker.

  • Keep the Sheet Safe

Position the metal sheet onto a level, sturdy platform, like a sawhorse or workbench. Ensure the sheet is securely fastened so it doesn’t move while being cut using clamps or weights.

  • Cutting Methods

Use the proper cutting tool, such as manual metal shears or aviation snips, according to the desired cut and follow the mark lines. To get clean cuts, keep your hand stable and apply steady pressure as you cut down the line. Use minor, incremental cuts to acquire the correct shape when making curved cuts.

  • Finishing Touch

After cutting, examine the panel’s edges for any jagged or sharp spots. To ensure safe handling during installation, smooth away any sharp edges using sandpaper or a metal file.

Important Safety Measures

Prioritizing safety above all else is crucial when handling metal roofing. Consider using a protective hard helmet, long sleeves, strong work boots, impact-resistant gloves, and safety eyewear to guard against any injuries. Protect the work area from dust and pollutants by keeping it well-ventilated and secured. Only try roof work in good weather or on slippery surfaces. By taking these safety measures, you can lower the possibility of mishaps and guarantee a safe and cozy working environment.

Tips for Cutting Roofing Specialty Metal

Cutting Metal Roofing

Certain types of metal roofing, including corrugated or standing seam roofing, could need specific cutting methods. The following advice can help you manage these exceptional metal roofs:

  • Standing Seam Roofing:A portable roll-forming machine usually cuts standing seam panels. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or get expert help for this cutting procedure.
  • Corrugated Roofing:Use electric or manual shears explicitly made for cutting corrugated metal roofing. When cutting, be sure to adhere to the ribs’ original curve. Additionally, use boots or specifically made flashings to maintain water tightness and seal around pipes.



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