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The first thing that a roofing calculator should tell you is how steep your roof will be. The slope is measured in rise and run. Rise is the vertical measurement while run is the horizontal measurement. Both are based on 12 inches. In order to calculate the slope of your roof, you must know how much material you’ll need for the job. You can find this information in the calculator’s menu or instructions. However, it’s important to know that these numbers will only work if you have an idea of the square footage of your roof.

Cost per square foot of a roof

Roofing professionals use “Per Square” in their bids to describe the total cost per square foot of a roof. It is calculated by multiplying the square foot’s area by 100. While the cost per square foot of a roof varies depending on the materials used and the area in which it is located. Getting multiple estimates is always a good idea as the costs may vary considerably. In addition to the material costs, roofers also add additional expenses for the installation process. While the materials are fixed, labor and accessories can drive up the price per square foot.

Ribbed Metal Roofing
Ribbed Metal Roofing

Price per square foot of a metal roof

Roofing contractors usually quote projects in terms of square footage, and larger projects tend to have lower costs per square foot. Additionally, the price per square foot of a metal roof depends on the additional materials used to complete the project, including fasteners, underlayment, and any accessories you may want to add. Fortunately, metal roofing companies offer discounts for larger jobs and many materials can be bought in large enough quantities that they can save money by cutting out unnecessary costs.

Price per square foot of a shingle roof

Costs may be slightly lower or higher depending on the brand and type of shingles you select, your project details, and the contractor’s time and experience. Prices also include all materials and labor, including tear-off of your old roof and disposal fees. A typical price will also include a professional installation and comprehensive workmanship warranty.

The cost of a shingle roof can vary a great deal between online sources and contractors in your area. Actual roofing costs will vary as well. Labor costs depend on factors such as cost of living in your area. High-cost cities and towns will require higher labor costs. Ultimately, the cost of installing a shingle roof depends on many factors including where you live and the materials you choose.

Cost per square foot of a concrete slab roof

A concrete slab roof costs more than a typical asphalt or wooden building roof. In addition to concrete, you may also need to get additional materials installed. For instance, a vapor barrier or Styrofoam layer is likely to cost an extra $0.30 to $2 per square foot. Then there are additional costs for materials like wire mesh and a special cement mix. Those materials will add to the overall price, but are generally not included in the concrete estimate. For this reason, you may want to ask your contractor for the details when it comes to concrete slab roofing.

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