Shaw Woods Park

Shaw Woods Park in Portage County, Michigan

If you’re looking for an amazing nature preserve, you should visit Shaw Woods Park. This 100-acre nature preserve was originally acquired by Douglas and Virginia Shaw. It features a variety of activities, including a boat ride in an Alligator Warping Tug Boat. Visit this park during any season, even in the winter! You’ll be glad you did. And if you’re a nature lover, a donation is much appreciated! Refer to This Web Page!

Shaw Woods is a new 100 acre nature preserve

The park has a variety of hiking trails and is located just off of Beery Road. Trails cover an area of four miles and wind through hardwood forest, a wetland, and the bottom of the Ravenna River. They are primitive single-track trails with natural surface treadways. The trailhead has a gravel parking lot large enough for several trailers. While restrooms are available, there are no other amenities.

The park’s entrance can be accessed at three points. One is near the management gate on Luxted Road; another is via a public footpath through the surrounding countryside. The park is accessible to hikers year-round. However, please note that the Visitor Center is closed on major holidays. In the meantime, the park is open to the public. If you plan to hike, be aware that it has a few steep slopes, so use caution! Browse next article!

It was originally acquired by Douglas and Virginia Shaw

The Shaw family originally acquired this 145-acre piece of land several years ago. In late 2014, they donated it to the Portage Park District. The Shaws donated the property so that the Park District could improve its management of the land. The park also has a trail system featuring boardwalks and natural water crossings for horses. Until now, the Shaws have managed the property for its wildlife and scenic views.

It is home to an Alligator Warping Tug Boat

The Alligator is a historic boat that was invented by John Ceburn West in Simcoe, Ontario in 1889. It was designed to travel on land and water to move lumber. At first, the Alligator was used for moving sawlogs, but it was later used for pulpwood. The boat was used to transport logs to rivers, which led to river log drives.

The Alligator is one of three in Ontario, and it is a replica of the original. Built in Simcoe in the late 1880s, it is the oldest operating Alligator in Canada. The other two are located in Algon Park in Simcoe. Although the Alligator is unique, many people don’t realize that it is one of only three in Canada.

The Alligator is a classic example of a timber boom. The Alligator was often moved from one lake to another. A portage had to be cleared through the forest, and the Alligator was used to skid across the portage to the next lake. After warping down the logs, the Alligator would move them from lake to lake.

It is open year round

This 100-acre Portage County park offers miles of trails that wind through a hardwood forest, wetland, river bottom, and flat terrain. Trails here are primitive single-track, natural-surface treadways. There is a gravel parking lot, with room for several trailers, and restrooms. There are no other facilities, but donations are greatly appreciated. For more information, see the park’s website.

The outdoor education centre in Shaw Woods has trails for all abilities. Visitors can enjoy 13 kilometres of self-guided walking trails through old-growth forest, including a boardwalk and a hike to the lookout. There are also boardwalks and natural water crossings. While in the park, you can enjoy the spectacular views from the scenic overlook. Shaw Woods Park Berry Road is open year-round. More!

Driving Direction from Pally Roofing to Shaw Woods Park

Driving Direction from Shaw Woods Park to Clarence Darrow Metropark

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