Sunny Lake Park

Sunny Lake Park Features a Golf Course and a Disc Golf Course

There are several things that make Sunny Lake Park unique, but the golf course is probably the most popular activity. It starts at the north end of the park and works its way east. The 18-hole golf course is a mix of wooded and open holes, with some of them featuring water. During your round, you can watch for wooden signs by the baskets that point to the next tee. The course also features a disc golf course. Refer to This Article for More Information!

Aurora Audubon Sanctuary

The Aurora Audubon Sanctuary is located north of Page Road and east of Pioneer Trail in the city of Cleveland, Ohio. It was acquired by the Cleveland Bird Club, a forerunner to the Audubon Society, in 1941. The Smythe family had planned to develop the property in the 1920s, but the economic depression forced them to abandon their plans. The Cleveland Trust Co. purchased the land and opened it to the public as a bird sanctuary.

In addition to the usual variety of birds, several individuals reported a variety of species. Marion Miller recorded 2530 Chimney Swifts at the 6th annual KCA Chimney Swift Sit, Kevin Sciurba heard several Purple Martins, and Brendon Lake reported a Worm-eating Warbler singing in the Campton Forest Preserve. Another member of the group, Mike Tartaglia, observed a Spotted Sandpiper at Fox River Shores Forest Preserve.

Tinkers Creek State Park

The scenic area of Tinkers Creek State Park is home to a variety of species. Its three-mile-long boardwalk leads to an overlook platform tucked away on a ridge. Three people stand on the platform looking out over Tinkers Creek Gorge. The view is framed by colorful fall foliage, and an interpretive panel provides information about the park’s history. This area of the park is part of the historic Bedford Reservation, which was created in the 1920s to protect upland scenery. In the fall, it features stunning colors in deciduous trees.

Hudson Springs Park

With 260 acres of natural beauty, Hudson Springs is a cherished location for family photos, birthday parties, and nursery school graduations. However, this park offers much more than idyllic scenery. Its hiking and biking trails offer plenty of opportunities for family fun, while a children’s hedge maze and volleyball court offer a chance for some friendly competition. Here, the kids can run free, and parents can enjoy a relaxing day on the greens. See More Hints!

Visitors will find plenty of parking in this park. Its large parking lot makes it easy to load and unload a stroller. Parents will appreciate that it has a public restroom on site. This is especially convenient for those with small children. A water fountain is available to help them stay hydrated. And since this park is surrounded by the Hudson River, the birds can find shelter from the elements here. And, for the avid bird watcher, the park’s gazebos offer great views of the park.

Plans for disc golf course

Ingham County is planning to build a disc golf course at Lake Lansing Park North, increasing traffic to an underutilized park. District 11 commissioner Emily Stivers says the new course will be accessible to people of all ages and abilities. Unlike traditional golf, disc golfers use discs instead of golf clubs. In addition, there will be several holes for players of different skill levels, which means that a disc golf course can appeal to both novices and professionals alike.

The proposal was originally brought before the Richmond Recreation and Parks Commission in December. In April, the commission heard the proposal again. In both meetings, the commission unanimously recommended denial of the project. The group says they entered into the project in good faith, and that it went through the proper channels. However, they were not given enough time to respond to critics. Meanwhile, disc golf proponents say the course installation process is safe, as it involves minimal plant life. Additionally, they claim that foot traffic generated by the disc golf course also decreases criminal activity. Click the Following Web Page!

Driving Direction from Pally Roofing to Sunny lake Park

Driving Direction from Sunny lake Park to Streetsboro City Park

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