Claridon Recreation Park

Claridon Recreation Park in Chardon, Michigan

If you want to plan your next family outing in the area, check out Claridon Recreation Park in Chardon, Michigan. You will find reviews, maps, and amenities, as well as information about the location and amenities of this campground. If you are looking for an affordable camping experience, Claridon Recreation Park is a good place to start. There is plenty to do at this park, and it is a convenient option for residents of the Chardon area. Refer to This Site!


If you’re planning a trip to Claridon, Ohio, you should make sure you check out Claridon Recreation Park. The park offers many different recreational opportunities, such as picnicking, celebrations, meditation, and meeting new people. In addition, you can even celebrate your birthday at this park! Here’s a closer look at this park. You might even enjoy a day of fishing, or take a bike ride around the beautiful property.

The parks of the city of Chardon have many things to offer. The Claridon Township Park has a playground, ball fields, and a picnic pavilion, as well as hiking trails. The park is located in the Great Lakes region, so you can expect to see a lot of snow in the winter. The park also has several places to relax, like the historic Chardon Square. The area is also home to the Claridon Woodlands, a small wooded stretch.


The Claridon Recreation Park is a popular tourist destination in Chardon, Ohio. Visitors can enjoy recreational activities like picnicking, playing ball, and hiking. This park is located in a beautiful green area where they can meet new people and meditate. Visitors who visit the park can enjoy the scenic views and greenery, as well as various recreational opportunities. To learn more about the park and its facilities, read below. This Claridon, Ohio park received 4.7 out of 5 stars from 9 customer reviews.

The Claridon Recreation Park in Chardon has permanent restrooms and parking for visitors. The park features a Judge Lester Taylor Lodge with indoor restrooms and a kitchenette. Visitors can ride bicycles and hikes through the woods to the Maple Highlands Trail. The park features four-and-a-half miles of pristine Cuyahoga River tributaries and Upper and Lower Pineside Ponds.


Amenities at Claridon Recreation Park are many. This park is a great place to play sports, picnic, celebrate birthdays, or just relax. There are many ways to enjoy this park, from picnicking to hiking trails. The park even has its own Judge Lester Taylor Lodge with outdoor bistro sets and custom-made wooden furniture. There are also permanent restrooms and parking facilities. Visitors can also rent the Judge Lester Taylor Lodge for groups of up to 99 people. Check this out!

Customer reviews

If you are looking for a great place to enjoy the outdoors, Claridon Recreation Park in Ohio has many things to offer. This park has many activities for the whole family to enjoy, including ball fields, hiking trails, and picnics. It’s a wonderful place to meet new people or spend some quiet time by yourself. This park received 4.7 out of 5 stars in customer reviews, which is quite impressive.

In this park, visitors can enjoy the views from the Judge Lester Taylor Lodge, which has an indoor restroom and kitchenette. There are several hiking and biking trails, including Maple Highlands Trail. There is also access to Upper and Lower Pineside Ponds. These pristine water bodies are ideal for swimming, fishing, and paddling. It’s one of the best places to spend the day in Geauga County.

Concerts at Claridon Woodlands

The Geauga Park District is grateful for its community’s support. They are proud of new recreational opportunities like the Claridon Woodlands and the successful kayak and canoe borrowing season at Headwaters Park. The new park opened on May 25th and is currently one of the top six in the park district. Visitors can enjoy the scenic lakeside views and use the park’s amenities, including the Judge Lester Taylor Lodge and outdoor bistro sets. The new facility also features indoor restrooms with running water and custom wooden furniture.

Live music performances will take place on Thursdays at the Frances S. Hall Amphitheater and at the Claridon Woodlands’ great outdoor pavilion. The lineup of performers includes Hiram Rapids Stumblers, Long Time Gone, and the PopTarts. Bring lawn chairs or blankets for seating and snacks. In addition to watching “Up,” guests can get free ice cream treats at the theater’s concession stand. Read More About This!

Driving Direction from Pally Roofing to Claridon Recreation Park

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