Guide About How To Cut Corrugated Plastic Roofing

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Sheds, porch expansions, and greenhouses benefit from translucent or opaque PVC or corrugated fiberglass roofing. Sheets measuring 4 by 8 or 10 feet in length are supplied, and installation involves fastening them to plastic or wooden bracing. After being cut to match the grooves, the braces are attached to the roof rafters. With a circular saw and carbide blade, corrugated plastic roofing can be cut, but it must be securely secured before cutting. The saw wobbles due to vibrations, which have the potential to bind or push it off the cut line.

There are several uses for plastic corrugated roofing sheets. Both professionals and do-it-yourselfers can easily install them, and they offer a high level of durability. This type of roofing requires specific knowledge and comprehension to guarantee that corrugated roofing sheets are handled and cut correctly. In many cases, cutting the plastic roofing will be necessary to ensure proper installation and weather protection for the building. Corrugated roofing is relatively simple to cut and install with the correct techniques and equipment. It means you can manage the task yourself, but remember that you must work with power tools and take all essential safety measures to keep yourself safe.

Guide About How To Cut Corrugated Plastic Roofing

When cutting corrugated sheet metal roofing, which saw is best to use?

When cutting corrugated sheet metal roofing, an angle grinder or circular saw are the best tools. Using an angle grinder, you can achieve freeform and circular cuts in corrugated metal with greater control. It also leaves a smoother edge, giving the surface a polished appearance. It is recommended to use a diamond wheel when using an angle grinder. This can be used with a regular wheel, but the corrugated metal can wear it down. A circular saw blade made specifically for metal can also be used. For optimal results, a diamond blade is advised. The ideal tool for cutting longer lengths straight is a circular saw.

Cutting Tools for Corrugated Plastic Roofs

Make sure you have the instruments you need to handle cutting quickly to guarantee that the task is finished nicely and tidily. The correct equipment must cut the panels to create a flawless finish. Additionally, having the proper tools will allow you to do the task safely.

  • Using a tape measure, you may ascertain the object’s precise dimensions that require cutting.
  • The cutting tool that will be utilized is a carbide saw blade.
  • circular sawor multifunctional cutting tool will allow you to use a carbide saw blade for cutting.
  • Emery cloth
  • A felt-tipped penwill let you indicate the measurements and the cutting locations.
  • Straightedge: You can draw a straight line using your plastic roofing sheet.

Safety & Health

  • PPE:

When cutting any corrugated roofing sheet, make sure you are always utilizing the proper PPE. This could involve wearing the right clothes, footwear, safety goggles, dust masks, and gloves.

  • Follow Instruction: 

While the instructions we’ve supplied are general for each type of corrugated sheet, ensure you read and abide by any additional advice and guidelines the manufacturer may provide.

  • Clear Space:

To prevent potential harm, keep your workstation organized and free of clutter. After cutting a piece of sheet, relocate to a safe spot out of the way and continue.

  • Tools:

Handle all instruments with the proper prudence and attention. Use caution and protect your hands when handling any specified tools, as they might be very sharp.

  • Electricity Source: 

If using an extension lead is necessary, ensure it won’t create a trip risk, which could lead to harm.

Step-by-Step -How To Cut Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheets 

It’s crucial to take the proper precautions when cutting corrugated plastic roofing. Even while the activity is not complex in and of itself, you may find that you spend time and energy on minor mistakes. We offer a comprehensive tutorial that will make it easy for you to understand how to cut corrugated roofing, as when done correctly, corrugated plastic roofing will maintain its appearance and durability.

  • Measure and Mark: To begin, determine how long your corrugated plastic roofing panel will need. Mark the cutting line on both sides of the panel with a permanent marker and a measuring tape. A straight edge or ruler may help to ensure accuracy when making straight cuts.
  • Secure the Panel:Set the roofing panel made of corrugated plastic on a level surface. Try to fasten or weigh it down to stop it from moving while cutting. The achievement of precise and flawless cuts depends on this stability.
  • Select Your Cutting Tool:You can use a circular saw with a fine-toothed blade or a utility knife, depending on the needs of the job and your personal choice. Regarding more extensive work, a circular saw is typically faster, but a utility knife enables more controlled and exact cuts.
  • Using a Utility Knife to Cut: The utility knife scores along the specified cutting line while maintaining even and firm pressure. Repeat the scoring procedure several times, progressively going deeper on each pass. However, when the panel is sufficiently scored, gently bend it until a clean break occurs along the scored line. To cut off any remaining connected portions, use the utility knife.
  • Using a Circular Saw to Cut: To match the thickness of the corrugated plastic panel, adjust the depth of the circular saw blade. Ensure the cut is steady and controlled by lining up the saw blade with the designated cutting line. To help keep a straight cutting line, use a straight edge or guide.
  • Additional Touches: After cutting, make sure there are no sharp or uneven edges. To smooth out imperfections, use a utility knife or fine-grit sandpaper.

Guide About How To Cut Corrugated Plastic Roofing


Cutting corrugated roofing is a challenging task. However, it calls for proper planning, security measures, and tools. Everything will be in its correct spot, making installing and cutting the roofing easier while lowering the possibility of mistakes or other issues. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to contact Pally Roofing’s helpful customer care staff with any more questions or concerns; they will gladly assist you. Just ring them or leave a message using our convenient live chat feature.


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